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Nirvana Dawson – For as long as I remember a dialogue has been running through my mind begging me to write it down. Like a busy parent shooing away an errant child I’ve spent too much time saying “I’m busy.” This blog is my way of saying yes – to life and all its lessons, to the hunger for something more, and to that magic that tells me stories.

I live in the mountains with my family. We laugh often, explore a lot, learn everyday and frequently go a little bit mad to the sounds of children.

I dream of a self cleaning house and unlimited chocolate.

I have recently decided that I am not disorganized – I am eclectic. I have decided that I do not have flaws – I have quirks. I have decided that I am not oversensitive – I am emotionally perceptive.

In short, I am deliciously imperfect, just like everyone else.

Daniel – Is my Gemini, so he is my husbands. I like one of them more than the other.

He gives awesome hugs, always smells good and is prone to saying things that make me wonder if he’s serious.

He is love, walking around my house everyday.

He’s interested in music, his family, cars and other boy things. He works as a mortgage broker.

Bodhi – Believes that the answer to every problem is a hug. If the problem is that you don’t want to be hugged then he believes a hug can fix that too.

His current interests are Lego, dinosaurs, books, running with sharp sticks and deciding who he’s going to marry.  The latter is very difficult for him because he currently wants to marry everyone.

When he grows up he wants to be a firefighting policeman. I am unsure how this will go as he is afraid of heights and fires. He is five.

Sebastian – Is the son that strangers approach me in the street to tell me I look nothing like. He is sweet, coy, and very, very loud. He enjoyed a month of lively crawling in reverse before he shifted gears. His current interests include eating copious amounts of blueberries, opening and closing draws, laughing at bush turkeys and professing his love for Peppa Pig. He is the life of the party at home but regularly turns to a shy little statue when we’re out. As his brother did, he thinks sleep is for whimps. He is 22 months old.



3 thoughts on “Meet our family

  1. as i started reading i wanted to there to be more to read ,the way you write is exciting ,and i cannot wait to read the rest of what you have to write .you are a very talented lady xxx

  2. Your Gemini, your husbands…. love it. Happy One is Gemini too and he is my sons. Like you I like one of them better than the other. I think the one that I like least likes me most. Which is a problem. That one also likes back flips, head banging, screaming loudly and breastfeeding. These things do not go together well. Try telling him that.

  3. Happy One is very cute at least, even if he does have an overly vocal breastfeeding acrobat in there. Sebastian is fond off all those things too, and he combines them with trying to stand and turn his head at 180 degrees. Still while breastfeeding. It’s an admirable effort, even if not appreciated…

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