Bodhi on parenting

“I don’t want him to follow me!” Bodhi protested as Sebastian took off after him down the hall, all squeals, giggles and mischief.

“He’s just trying to play with you.” I explained (again) “He doesn’t know how to play your games yet, so we need to be patient and teach him.”

Apparently this wasn’t convincing. “Why?” Bodhi asked.

“That’s what we do for babies. When you were little you couldn’t do much at all, but we helped teach you to roll over, sit up, eat, walk, talk and play games. We had to help you learn how to do everything you do now.”

“Seriously?” He looked horrified. “You must have been BORED out of your MIND!!”

(Maybe I shouldn’t hurry to teach Sebastian *too* much anyway, Bodhi has spent the week repeatedly trying to arrest him. Whenever I point out that he’s not a villain – like in his games – he responds “He’ll probably be one when he grows up. You can’t be too careful.” Best not grow up too fast then!)


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