Please Mum, as you watch me grow, remember who I am. Remember that I am not my brother, I am not my sister, I am not the child in the café, on the beach or in the magazine. 

Remember Mum, even over the noise of my growing up or the blur of my constant activity, how perfect I am. 

Remember who smiles up at you in the quiet moments and who makes you laugh from the bottom of your soul.

Life gets so crowded sometimes Mum, that it’s easy to forget how unique my path is. Sometimes you might find yourself comparing my strengths and challenges to someone else’s. It can be easy to lose sight of how amazing every one of my differences are, especially now when I’m small and I’m still learning how to use them as tools to create the life I’m meant to have.

Don’t convince yourself that you need to see things my way to respect who I am. We’re meant to see things differently. Just give me your time, listen, play and love me for my mysteries.

Sometimes parenting techniques sound like recipes, like a list to be followed to produce a predictable result, a result to be proud of. There is nothing predictable about me Mum and you should be proud of that. I came here with my journey and my challenges and they are as unique as my fingerprints. The only list you really need to follow on this journey is to be kind, be loving and not take it all too seriously. Don’t worry, I wont let you take it seriously even if you try.

Teach me along the way Mum, I need that, but also learn from me, you need that just as much. My differences aren’t just here as a gift for me Mum, they’re here as a gift for you. Soulmates aren’t always easy, they’re not meant to be, they’re meant to push you, stretch you and turn your world inside out in the most wonderful way. 

I chose you because we’re soulmates in a way Mum, and not just in the easy moments, in the hard ones too. You might not realise what a gift all those moments are yet, but you will one day – I’m not the only one growing here.

I know you get tired sometimes Mum and there are times when you’re not the best of yourself. That’s ok. I love you in those times just as much as any others, because I remember who you are. I remember how perfect you are too.